Will you just shut up!

Girls of any kind. Poets and all. Stop bugging me. I am here in a kind mission in blogging life. I do not need harsh wordings from Ellie’s followers saying I am a dick! If I am a dick.. what are you to do about it? Fuck me is that it???!

Go and get yourself at a corner and just fuck yourself up and do not bother me ever again over here!


New owner Goodbye “The Bracelet Writer”

Hey what’s up people,

Nah.. do not feel threatened by my appearance or presence, I found out that my cousin just died, so I have for sometime knew she had to give this blog to someone when she’s gone. The thing is, I am not the one she would be likely to give this blog to me.

Hell yah, that girl leaves her diary all over the place in the hospital, and she had written down her email and password for this blog of hers. Good to know, a good blog, and I shall start to write things of my own thoughts ….. care to follow me?


Nuraluna (Ellie) has passed away.

Dear all,

Without delaying the news, the person that owns this blog has passed away about an hour ago at exactly 1.13 am. Her heart suddenly stopped beating while she was still asleep. According to the doctor, her heart rate was weakening slightly almost 12.50am.

Many would asked why the heart? Due to a car accident she had about two months ago, her ribcage was crushing the space for her heart to be well maintained. She had been suffering with countless days and nights crying herself to sleep or even when she was awake. Telling the family she had a hard time breathing.

She is my stepsister. Luna is very loving, kind and also very lonesome. Yet, she kept talking to me about this wordpress community of how she love to write poetry and stories. I admired her strength to keep writing till the last breath she took.There was a picture of a man though, she kept close beside her every night when she sleeps. When I asked her who it was she just kept saying ‘Nobody.’ She passed away holding his picture.

Here I am to say my deepest sincere apology to everyone in here that is close to my stepsister Luna. Of which she told me she is known as Ellie in here. I kept asking myself how on earth did she got that name from?

Thank you again.

Good day.

Farah Farhana

Short Story: ZhenZhen Finale | By Ellie


Jianyu looks at her and carresses her cheeks, “I have let you down once a year ago when you were raped I was not there for you. But now, I am here for you so you would not make a decision of which you might regret later.” The way he put his words made her shut her eyes as tears rolls down her fair cheeks.

“Alright, I’ll elope with you. I’ve loved you all my life too Jianyu. Just that, I never had the courage to tell you about it.” He smiles hearing her confession. He strokes her pink lips with his finger as he leans closer to kiss her. The sound of guards walking back and forth could be heard. The next shift is in 10 minutes after 1.30am. They only got 10 minutes to escape the palace unseen.

ZhenZhen quickly packs up her things and puts on her old robes instead of the beautiful silk ones that were gifted by the Emperor for her. Slowly, they jumps out a window and both landed on the ground behind her suite and quickly hide themselves from the sight of the guards.

“Halt who goes there?” Says a guard as ZhenZhen hides behind a door and Jianyu comes out to let the guards see him. “Its only me, I just returned to the Palace an hour ago by horse.” Explains Jianyu. The guards majority of them knows whom he was, they smiled and gave him a respectable nod. His the High Guard first in command.

When the course is clear, both of them rushes straight to the stables. When the sound of the Gong could be heard loudly as a guard shouted aloud, “The Emperor’s Concubine is missing!” The sound of the alert gong awoken up the Emperor himself.

As ZhenZhen was caught at the stables hugging High Guard Jianyu. “Let go..let go of me…” she says as a guard ties both their hands to the back and shoves them to the Emperor at his Throne. He stands up and kicks Jianyu’s stomache roughly as ZhenZhen shouts his name. “Jianyu! Please don’t harm him!”

The Emperor looks at her and grabs hold onto her chin, as he slaps her hard. Her body falls to the floor in pain. “How dare you try to leave the Palace grounds! Do you know you are mine!” Shouts the Emperor selfishly, as ZhenZhen sits back up on the floor, her lips were bleeding from the hard slap. She spits to his feet. “I am not yours nor anyone except the great God of Buddha!”

Emperor Gong rips  her robes and lays above her, “lets see if that God of yours could safe you from this.” He starts undoing his robes as the guards turns their bodies around the other way, and they were holding Jianyu and restraining him from moving by putting the sword’s blade under his chin. His going to witness ZhenZhen being rape!

The Emperor penetrated her roughly, as he chokes her throat. “Once you carry my seed. You would not be able to leave this Palace ever again!” He was laughing with pure insanity. As ZhenZhen feels breathless being choked and raped at the same time.

Jianyu managed to get himself free, he kills all the guards that tries to get in his way, all of them ended up dead on the throne room’s floor. Blood splattered everywhere. As he makes his way to the Emperor as he did, the Emperor had made a move first so fast, his blade was sliced through Jianyu’s chest. As he falls down to the ground dead within seconds. ZhenZhen was shouting loudly and whacking the Emperor’s chest. “You murderer! Let go of me.. let go..” he kept thrusting inside of her and spills his seed into her womb. Her eyes went wide as he pulls himself out of her and smirks at her smiling in victory. Looking at her in nudity.

She pulls out a dagger as she sees him turning around. The dagger was thrown at a fast speed, it went straight to the Emperor’s neck. He falls down on the floor immediately. ZhenZhen kills the Emperor gruesomely using the dagger as the guards watches her and did not know what to do. To stop her or to just let her be.

A yell came forth loudly. “Capture her! Sentence her to death! She has killed the Emperor! Guards seize her!” Shouts Empress Yin Li. As they were about to seize ZhenZhen whom was coated with the Emperor’s blood all over her nude body, she pulls out the sword from Jianyu’s chest and strikes it through her abdomen. She vomits and coughs out blood as she crawls towards Jianyu. She holds and grips his hand firmly. “We will shall meet again…in the afterlife.” She spoke softly as she takes her last breath and dies beside him.

Well I hoped you readers that followed this short story liked the ending. If not my apologies.

The End

With Love,

Short Story: ZhenZhen Part 10| By Ellie


In that duration of three days, Jianyu became restless, he loved ZhenZhen all his life since they were kids he had liked her more then just a friend. He would walk back and forth in his armor suit, when his parents intrudes him, by knocking on his bedroom door. “Son, what’s the matter? You hardly ate your food today.. are you sick?” Asks his mother. As she approaches him and holds onto his left arm.

He lets out a shrug, “Emperor Gong just proposed ZhenZhen to be his second wife..and I am–” he covers his face with his hands shrugging more and drops his ass onto a stool by the window. “You love her? Is that it? I did asked you about this matter about ZhenZhen to you two years ago son. If you said yes, your father and I had made that move in seeking her hand in marriage for you.” His mother’s words were like sharp needles into his ear. He shakes his head and stand up straight. “I am heading to the palace by tonight. I must see her!” With that, Jianyu leaves the town and head towards the Palace by horse, he left at almost sundown and arrived slightly after the sun had set after an hour.

ZhenZhen was sleeping in the suite that was assigned by the Emperor, the Emperor just bedded her and left her by midnight, after he napped a bit by her side. He had to go back to his own bed chamber to sleep with his own wife.

By one O’clock in the morning a shadow of a man came lurking into ZhenZhen’s suite and she was sleeping soundly with nothing on her but only a silk blanket to keep herself warm on a cold night. A hand clasp onto her mouth as her eyes went wide “mmmm!!” Suddenly, she sees his face. It was Jianyu, her panicked motion subsides within seconds. As he releases his hand from her lips.

“What are you doing here??” She asks, as he kneels down on one knee by her bedside. “I came to take you away from the palace ZhenZhen….” his reply made her feel rather surprised.

“Why? And whatever for?” She asks him curiousity as she sits up, holding the silk blanket over her top half. Covering her breasts from his view. She knew that he knew that she was just being bedded by the Emperor that night. “I love you ZhenZhen…I am the one whom should have you as my wife. Not the Emperor…” he takes her soft hands and kisses it.

His confession was indeed the wrong timing, in about 7 hrs, the Emperor would want her answer to his proposal two days ago. She would frown and pulls her hands from his touch. “Its too late Jianyu. Too… late…” he pulls her chin down to face him as their eyes locked upon each other. “Lets elope tonight…” his words were full of insanity thoughts! If they were caught, he might be hanged to death for stealing her from the Emperor and as for her? Whom knows? Downgraded to a servant for life or  to be sold off as a slave? Or worse the same death penalty like him. She swallows her saliva and looks at him under the dim’ light of the lantern in the bedroom suite by her bedside. She turned pale, that he noticed.

To be continued to Final Episode

With Love,

Random Thoughts: 6 Wishful Thinkings you might have in common with me| By Ellie


1. Wishing for a guide book
This is really a majority of us feels. We wished our lives already been written from the start till the end when we stopped breathing, is that there is this guide book that tells us what to do to be successful, and avoid other obstacles like every single one of them!

2. Weight ?
Yea every humans’ dream is to wish their bodies could be slim, sexy, and hot FOREVER. And eating habits does not exist!

3. Feelings to have on and off button


This is sooo stupid that we do not have a switch to switch on or off for our feelings. We kept wishing on daily basis that we could be happy and not get stressed minutes later. Or feeling appreciated and got downgraded a day later. Seriously??? This is a never ending topic if you kept having wishful thinking on this matter.

4. Money!
I bet everyone loves to be rich, famous and have billions of cash in their bank accounts. To live luxuriously till you die without working even for a nickle or penny.

5. Always wishing to be like others
Now this is entirely a true statement! From growing up as a kid, to a young adult then adult.. I bet many of you have wishful thinkings of wanting to be someone special. Like the first woman on the moon (laughs) why does it have to be always men? , To be a popstar, actress/actor or singer? Don’t tell me you never had these wishful thinkings?!

6. To have a genie in your pocket
To have a genie that grants your every wish you want to come true right there and then! Because.. blowing birthday candles each year seems like an odd way of wishing for things? But it will never be granted until you do something about it.


If you have other wishful thinkings you like to share.. please do not hesitate to comment below. Have a nice day!

With Love,